Considering preordering Fire Emblem 3DS XL... opinions?

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3 years ago#1
Hey, topic title says it all.

I already have a 3DS (cosmo black, original) and I love Fire Emblem.

I think the FE design on the original 3DS looks better cause of the material.. so it looks kinda raised up in a cool kind of way. Whereas on the XL, because it's matte(?) the design doesn't appear to look as good.

I was wondering what you guys think this?

Also, any current or upcoming Limited edition XLs do you guys think look good?

3 years ago#2
Not worth it if you live in the US, IMO. Other than that I havent seen or head about any kind of special XL coming. Though I did buy 2 FE 3DS Bundles. Money well spent. :)
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3 years ago#3
Wait... there is an XL FE special coming out!? When exactly is this? Because I will buy it so hard. I'm not a fan of the original model 3DS and probably never will be. It is just too tiny for me. But I will buy a second 3DS XL If it has FE on it.
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3 years ago#4
I'm living in the UK, and it's an EU exclusive as far as I know.
3 years ago#5
If you're in Europe then there's literally no reason not to. Do it.
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3 years ago#6
If you were gonna buy another 3DS, I'd recommend getting a North American XL so you won't have to pull your hair out every time Europe doesn't get a game but NA does.
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3 years ago#7
I have a blue 3ds xl

the blue isn't as good as the cobalt 3ds, but it's more comfy, so I would take it over a normal eds
3 years ago#8
I'm looking at both versions of the FE 3DS online, and the design looks clearer and compliments the colour of the the original 3DS. Maybe I need to compare them IRL but i can't really do that...

I'll probably buy the FE 3DS XL if there isn't any cooler looking XLs coming out soon or are announced.
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