I guess Monster Hunter is a hit or miss game series

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3 years ago#11
It sure is, to me the MH series is horrible, ive never played anything a series as lame as MH before, but that is just what I think of it.
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3 years ago#12
Akiba69 posted...
Would be a lot better with a second thumb stick...and on the PC. It has a lot of potential, but i think it suffers being stuck with nintendo.

1. You can use a second thumbstick. (slidepad attachment)
2. It is also on PC
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3 years ago#13
Yes, there is a online PC Monster Hunter game, but it was only released in Japan and Korea.
3 years ago#14
I want to like MH but i'd like it abit better if it had lock on like Gods Eater Burst and Ragnarok Oddessy, its a still a hassle keeping the camera centered even with the "lock on" they have now and i'd like to play online with my friends for max entertainment...
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3 years ago#15
The demo is terrible for new players.

I was able to work around it because I was already familiar with the game, but I struggled a little with the controls (was used to the Wii ones) since there was no clear instructions on how to do anything.
No help or tutorial, tossing us with crappy weapons against random bosses a newbie is likely to have a hard time with.

I like Monster Hunter but the demo was stupid.
The only thing they did right was allowing us to pick a type of weapon.

If you ask me this demo is more likely to scare off new players rather than attract them to the real game.
3 years ago#16
It's kind of a series you learn to like, and the demo really doesn't show it off too well. I mean, the demo shows all of the different weapon types and it has two monsters, but it doesn't have the quests, the customization, the item gathering, or the whole online aspect.
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