Anyone know where I can get a full list of 3DS demos?

#1PhoenixRushPosted 2/25/2013 10:48:35 AM(edited)
I can't seem to find one, not even on Wikipedia anymore. I'm getting a 3DS today and I've heard some demos are hidden. Oh, it would need to be the US list.
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#2shamontray29Posted 2/25/2013 11:22:08 AM
1.sonic & allstars racing transformed

2.castlevania lords of shawdow-this week 2-28-13

3.etrian odyssey IV:legends of the titan

4.brain age concentration:training emblem awakening

6.adventure time:hey ice king why'd you still our garbage!!?

7.the lord of the rings

8.rayman origins


10.moshi monsters theme park savvy:trendsetters-fasion contest savvy trendsetters-shoping spree

13.the denpamen they came by wave

14.fractured soul

15.kingdom hearts dream drop distance

16.heroes of ruin

17.rhythm thief & the emperors treasure

18.marvel pinball 3d

19.the amazing spider-man

20.order up!! batman 2:dc super heroes of balance touch!!

23.crush 3d

24.metal gear solid snake eater 3d

25.mario and sonic at the london 2012 olympic games

26.resident evil:revelations

27.mutants mudds


29.nintendodogs + cats: golden retriever
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