Holy s*** I'm terrible at Fire Emblem

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Good thing I stay away from FEA topics. They all end up with "I'm a hardcore playing classic, you suck if you play otherwise. Noob"

>not doing lunatic mode your first time playing

Oh wow.

Did you beat the final boss without retrying a million times? Noob?

I couldn't. My 3ds had to be sent out for repairs. Motion sensor died ;-;
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I'm being ignored again. :(
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I'm sorry but characters like maribelle are too weak to use without grinding and the only way to do that since they die in two hits even without crits,is to use casual mode.

Or you can still use her and make sure she doesn't get hit twice.

kinda hard when she keeps getting flanked
try to surround her on all four ends? then archers will flank her.
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