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What are games that are starting to become rare for the 3DS?
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forceboy7011/22 11:20PM
Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Chaos Ring questionGreekTheftAuto511/22 11:13PM
Does the Pokemon Demo have uses remaining?Vector-Armando1011/22 10:57PM
Are the mcs voiced??PersonaQHeartTranquil811/22 10:26PM
Digimon World Re: Digitize Decode is having a massive price cut on the eShop.
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Leanaunfurled1411/22 9:55PM
Who was your favorite "Super" Pokemon? (Poll)Street_Overlord611/22 9:53PM
How to link the 3ds NNID to a WII u??Shadowlarcanel511/22 9:43PM
What do you think the New 3DS will be called when released in the West? (Poll)Blk_Mage_Ctype811/22 9:09PM
Shovel Knight? More like Shovel ware. (Closed)
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ClessAlbane1911/22 8:59PM
how many 3ds games have been localized?aiman4911/22 8:42PM
I have Pokemon X, but never played it, should I still buy Pokemon Alpha Saphire?xellos667311/22 8:32PM
Atlus slaps the name "Persona Q" into Etrian, suddenly it's a 85+ game
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ServantOfErieos11311/22 8:24PM
Can't find Cubic Ninja anywhere :(
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iam4lsi21811/22 8:12PM
Can I get Pikmin on 3DS (or Wii)?DevilTears604711/22 8:09PM
Sign here if you're apart of the Alpha Sapphire Master Race
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DjHotness3211/22 8:03PM
And if they will make pokemon delta emerald and pokemon Z at the same time.....
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Zamnato2811/22 8:01PM
Pokemon X Friend Safarikumikki311/22 7:50PM
Why is downloading on the 3DS such a massive pain?GuyKopski1011/22 7:48PM
3DS BrightnessIchigo_Geass15111/22 7:32PM
Should I keep this Latias?DCxONESHOT305411/22 7:22PM