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Only 190 points to Platinum, and I'm running out of games that I want to play...PiregsonFire20761/31 9:29AM
Which portable consoles in Nintendo's history do you own?
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ZebuFrenzy1211/31 9:24AM
Badge catcher - what a cash cow for Nintendo
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akwan_tarot151/31 9:17AM
64 gig micro sd good for a New 3DSMaverick_Reznor21/31 9:08AM
What's the best way to transfer everything to a New 3DS?Lupin the 4th31/31 9:07AM
A new and comprehensive 3D Mario would be awesome for the 3DS.outworld222101/31 8:58AM
Is it safe to leave a 3DS game in the mail for 5-6 hours?Doomhammer218761/31 8:47AM
I'm going to buy a regular new 3ds and put a Majora's Mask sticker on itcapgamer81/31 8:44AM
Any idea what games clun nintendo is giving away next month?gfjjhsdfhshx71/31 8:26AM
Okamiden is the most underrated DS game ever...MilkinNipple51/31 8:21AM
So with Sega Now done with console games do you think..
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CrazychaoX151/31 8:18AM
I don't get why the new 3ds doesn't come with a charger
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LightningAce11291/31 8:13AM
Experience with strategy rpgs and opinions on Code Name STEAM (Poll)
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dolphinmage141/31 8:10AM
micro sd card compatibilityjcosta22341/31 8:06AM
Black charging cradle for New 3DS (non-XL)?FattyBreads101/31 7:50AM
Pokemon being over recycled. (Poll)
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Critcal501201/31 7:39AM
Are you buying or going to be buying Amiibos to use on your New 3DS?
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gfaqster171/31 7:32AM
Gunman Clive 2 Speedrun times! (post your times peeps!)
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Mega_Rat111/31 7:14AM
Should this game receive a rerelease?Allegaeon81/31 7:13AM
Cancelling preorder at Gamestop website.Atykym21/31 7:11AM