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Predicting IGN reviews for upcoming 3ds games.
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TasmanianTiger7161/30 5:59AM
Anyone hope Nintendo makes two Metroid games for 3DS?
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pipebomb__sushi121/30 5:51AM
Kinda amused by the N3DS Gamestop trade in offer.
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Numbnuts561/30 5:42AM
I wish we'd get a 3ds megaman battle network game
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Darkfire2431191/30 5:25AM
What are the chances Fire Emblem If has its own 3DS XL theme like MH4U and MM 3D
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21_21191/30 5:13AM
Let's get a screenshot thread goingilikepie64131/30 5:06AM
Europeans/Australians are you getting a New 3DS or New 3DS XL?
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HellsingOrg171/30 3:59AM
I really hope we get another new 3D Mario,pikachupwnage71/30 3:51AM
Preview: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3Dpokemonrusty71/30 3:49AM
Anyone still have a MH4 demo code?n00bsaib0t51/30 3:31AM
Can the New 3DS XL upscale all regular 3DS games?
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DesperateMonkey191/30 3:12AM
Best dragon quest for ds
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brazyjosh121/30 2:39AM
Not having any megaman games for the 3DS is a travesty.Ranmaru-2101/30 2:32AM
stage 21 gunman clive 2 is phenomenal!khallos1421/30 2:11AM
So the MH XL is looking to not be rare, is the MM Still going to be uber rare?SlickGamer21/30 1:56AM
anyone miss the old days of handhelds being simple?
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VeryDarkSoul371/30 12:33AM
Okay... decide my fate for me. Because why not?Dark Gunner11/30 12:13AM
Anyone have experience swapping their 3DS' inner shell?RevengeLobster41/30 12:05AM
So I got my 32 gig Micro SD card for my New 3ds today.Maverick_Reznor31/29 11:42PM
Thinking about upgrading to a New 3DS. Is it for me?CubeTV31/29 11:29PM