Bravely Default: Flying Fairy possibly confirmed for localization.

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A little pessimistic today, aren't we?

No. I just live in Japan. When the Japanese phrase things like this, it means they're being non-committal. I don't think people should get their hopes up quite yet, because they *may* be disappointed.

The Japanese are kinda weird in their phrasing of things. If you ask them if something is going to happen and they say what would be literally translated as "That might be difficult", it's the Japanese polite way of saying "hell no."

I'm not saying there's no chance. There still might be. Just right now, they're not saying one way or another.

It's already been confirmed for localization by someone who has inside access to SE meetings a few days before this announcement.

Because things like that are always so reliable.

This guy is actually the real deal. He pretty much perfectly described what All the bravest was MONTHS before it was even announced/shown. He isnt just some random troll who claims to have "a friend who knows this guy who's girlfriend works for SE".He's had a reliable track record when it comes to these things, so its safe to say he is legit:

He confirms it in the 5th post of that topic.

I'm not going to put a lot of stock in it just for him accurately predicting All the Bravest. Since you mentioned he has a good track record, what else has he accurately predicted for us?
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This is why twitter is actually a bad thing. In years past random people inside of a company didn't come into work, see 1000 emails a day from US fans who want a localization and then blithely tweet "We hear ya US fans!" because they got sexy time with their wife before they went into work and are in a good mood. They would just look at the next cubicle over and say "Man, I wish we could help out these poor folks in the US." and you would never know.

I really hope the game comes out, I want it and I want all the people who want it to get it, but Nathanisdrake is right, the tweet could mean nothing more than this person understands how we feel and sympathizes.
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I'm not going to put a lot of stock in it just for him accurately predicting All the Bravest. Since you mentioned he has a good track record, what else has he accurately predicted for us?

I would say his timing of the localization confirmation and this announcement are pretty good evidence.
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A second tweet:
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Does he have any say on localization on this game?
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That doesn't mean anything. They're acknowledging that they're getting a lot of requests from people outside of Japan. They didn't say they were going to release it.

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I'm loving the "google translate" quality right there.

To be honest, that's actually what it literally says in Japanese. But a better translation would be similar to what I said above. Maybe taking context into account, a good translation would be: "We hear your requests, overseas fans!"

Well if you read just under the english quote they say that they've used an English translator from the internet.

Really looking forward to Bravery Default.
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It better be localized. I've been wanting this game since the day it was announced.
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Hows the game getting reviewed in japan
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Hows the game getting reviewed in japan

Very well - fans on the Bravely Default board whom have imported have really been singing praises as well.
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