So I'm going to get a 3DS today, but what game should I get with it?

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AIDSbeam posted...
I'm torn between Fire Emblem, Etrian Odyssey 4, and Code of Princess


My suggestion: don't buy a game yet. Download the demos for Fire Emblem and Etrian Odyssey 4 and see if you like them. You can download the full version of both as well (which means you don't have to make a knee-jerk purchase at the store).

For Code of Princess - look at vids and decide if it's worth your money after trying any (all?) eshop demos. I *think* this is also a downloadable game but don't quote me on that.

I'd also personally recommend looking at eshop titles such as Gunman Clive and pushmo/crashmo. I'm really ejoying Colors 3D as well and I'm not an artist in the slightest. You can get all three of those for less than $20 and there is plenty of entertainment.
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At least you are torn between three good games. I never personally played that Fire Emblem but I know how it works. It's a good series. Etrian Odyssey IV is pretty damn cool though I am new to the series and well I may be moving along slower than others, but I like it. Code of Princess seems pretty neat and is a spiritual successor to Guardian Heroes of sorts. So if that means anything to you hehe Guardian Heroes is a major cult hit.

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Also I love your username.

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I would also recommend not buying a game. All three games are available in the eshop for the same price as the stores minus any sales tax.
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I ended up getting EO4 because I'm a sucker for game soundtracks and art books! Don't regret it and will likely get the others soon anyways,From: Timohtep | #002
Also I love your username.

Thanks :DFrom: Kamil | #012
Seen this guy before on some of my board hunts or maybe the NFL board before, It's a heck of a name alright lol

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all of them
okay but seriously
Code of princess is great BUT the online population is DEAD, lots of stuff to do singleplayer side though, 50 PLAYABLE characters, which include every enemy and boss you fight in the game (yes you can play as the final boss, LOL)
and get Kid Icarus, every 3DS owner NEEDS that game.
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As of last year there were a handful of games worth owning but this year that number is going to increase a lot due to console sales last year.
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Depends what you want as your first 3DS. All your choices are excellent.

Fire Emblem is a strategy game.
Etrian Odyssey is an RPG with a heavy focus on its battle system.
Code of Princess is 2d beat-em-ep with a JRPG style leveling system. Oh and a previous poster forgot to mention that any level/mission can be replayed at any time.

You really can't go wrong with any of them. They will all last you a long while.
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Fire Emblem. Others might disagree but I think it's THE best game on the 3ds.
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