POLL:Which Nintendo handheld has the best game library?

#1SuperMarioBruvsPosted 3/2/2013 4:27:18 AM
Which Nintendo handheld has the best game library? - Results (80 votes)
Game Boy
1.25% (1 votes)
Game Boy Color
1.25% (1 votes)
Game Boy Advance
22.5% (18 votes)
51.25% (41 votes)
23.75% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I think the DS has the best.
Toadsworth is awesome!
#2SuperMarioBruvs(Topic Creator)Posted 3/2/2013 5:04:16 AM
Toadsworth is awesome!
#3Jack_the_monke7Posted 3/2/2013 5:45:39 AM
Regardless of which has it now, I have 100% confidence that in time the 3DS will own this title.
#4SuperMarioBruvs(Topic Creator)Posted 3/2/2013 6:45:20 AM
Jack_the_monke7 posted...
Regardless of which has it now, I have 100% confidence that in time the 3DS will own this title.

Once Zelda 3D and Smash Bros are released I think Ill agree with you.
Toadsworth is awesome!
#5Rurouni720Posted 3/2/2013 7:03:09 AM
DS. No contest, the 7th gen was possibly the best handheld domination of it's time in regards to the DS with loads of support and quality to boot. Heck, i could argue that the DS/PSP almost out shined the current consoles in terms of quality third party library.
#6bunnie88Posted 3/2/2013 7:58:44 AM
DS. Game variety, prices are tons better and the games didn't rely on gimicky 3d to succede.
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#7PsychoWolfXPosted 3/2/2013 8:25:14 AM
I'm really big into older games, and rarely give anything current more praise then the classics I grew up with through the 90's, but out of all the Nintendo handhelds, the 3DS is easily I just love everything about the 3DS. (aside from the 3D which I personally have no use for)

Gameboy/Gameboy color were awesome, but the only games I ever really played on them were the first two gens of Pokemon, mighty morphing power rangers and some tiny toons game. I didn't have any money of my own back then and honestly, if it wasn't Pokemon, I didn't care.

Gameboy Advance was amazeing. I lost interest in Pokemon when Gen 3 came around, and therefore branched out a bit. Minish Cap, Donkey Kong, Pokemon Firered and Emrald (regained my senses after a while and got back into Pokemon), Contra, Metroid Fusion, and so many more...easily my second fav after the 3S

DS- Over time I accumulated quite a stack of DS games, but I never really sank much time into anything other then Pokemon Heartgold and Pearl.
#8MajinKogahazanPosted 3/2/2013 8:33:54 AM
It gets better with each handheld, all though the DS 1st party titles were lacking compared to the GBA


3DS is definately shaping up to be on the higher end of the list
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#9Starwars4JPosted 3/2/2013 8:36:54 AM
Right now? DS. At the end of this generation? 3DS
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#10Willie_MakeitPosted 3/2/2013 8:37:21 AM
I'm torn between the GBA and the DS. Both systems had a great library of games. If I HAD to choose, I'd say the DS.