Games with the worst voice acting

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oxnerd posted...

I've read this a lot. Not necessarily in this thread, but in the past. I'm going to have to replay that game. I don't remember having much of a problem with the voice acting. It wasn't the greatest, but it didn't hurt the game for me.
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robomasteralpha posted...
How has no one mentioned The House of the Dead 2 yet?

I already beat you to it in page 2.
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I came into this topic saying House of the Dead 2, but then I saw Chaos Wars......holy ****. But House of the Dead 2 is still extremely close.

And what bad voice acting was there in FFX? The only thing I could think of was the laughing scene, and it wasn't even that bad. The characters even acknowledge how awkward it is in the game, with Yuna saying "Maybe you should stop laughing....." It was done on purpose, so obviously it isn't bad voice acting. People really don't pay attention sometimes.
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That Tierkreis crap deserves a mention.
Suikoden 6 please.
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pokemon2poker posted...
That Tierkreis crap deserves a mention.

Ahahah yes. This and Chaos Wars. Both are great games. Symphony of the Night as well.
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Chaos Wars by FAAAAR!
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Only reason that FFX has a bad dub is because they speed up the voices to fit them in sometimes.

And even then it's not a bad dub, just a bit weird sometimes.
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I want to say Arc Rise Fantasia. The gameplay is amazing but the voice acting is just ugh...... cant stand it and just wished they were able to change it in japanese voices.

There are a few good actors in that game like serge, rastan, cecille, ignacy and a few others that save it for me but the rest is just ugh....
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xIvan321 posted...
robomasteralpha posted...
How has no one mentioned The House of the Dead 2 yet?

I already beat you to it in page 2.

My bad. Totally skipped over your post.

Shall I no suffer like G did?

Kneekicker posted...
Any of the Sierra games from the 80's/90's. I heard that back then the characters were voiced by the developers and not voice actors. The voices almost seem monotone...
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Baten Kaitos was pretty bad.

*massive spoilers if you haven't played it*

Also Zoids: Battle Legends
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