Games with the worst voice acting

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I'm not sure if it has been mentioned yet but Ape Escape.
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Probably Resident Evil and Star Ocean: TLH from my collection of games. The first RE was so hammy, but my god it was hilarious!

"Why don't you go down and check by yourself? I have rope here"

*3 second pause*

"Oh, do you? Then I'll climb down using the rope!"

*facepalm* Too funny, and the deliverance is pretty hammy to it's one of those, "It's so bad, it's good"

SO: TLH, some of them sound a bit awkward and out of place, made even more apparent due to the doll-like expressions of the characters.
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how about pokemon puzzle league?

I get tired of hearing ash go WAY TO GO! all the damn time



The worst was doing a huge chain while using Lorelei/Dewgong.


Oh my god, actual other people who played Pokemon Puzzle League.

James' laugh was always great to me, and I thought chains made the Pokemon sound epic. Golbat and Abra sucked to listen to though, maybe besides Gary's old man laugh. When my mom played, she always chose Erika because she and Weepinbell were "the least annoying-sounding," in her words.

It could have been worse though--imagine if the game didn't use the classic good voice actors but the current ones instead.

Abra sounds like he's choking.

Brock should say "DRYING PAN" for each chain.
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Nope not a joke, I hate most english dubbed jrpgs just like I dispise all english dubbed anime, in most cases they are just so bad. But I know reading subtitles and watching something on the same screen is too hard for some people.

You seriously think the Disgaea games have better Japanese voice tracks than English?


...You've never seen Disgaea's dub show have you...

Got nothing to say on MGS though, but then again shooters in general seem to be the only effort American's tend too these days. (Saddest part is I'm dead serious, which says a lot seeing how I live in Amercia.)
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Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean get's the award for the worst voice acting in history.
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They werent even sounds like they just took with whatever they said first and went with it...
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All your base are belong to us...

Doesn't count, but it did remind me of this:
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All your base are belong to us...

That wasn't voice acting.

Computerized voice acting, human voice acting, what's the difference? =P

Once I got used to the voicing in Baten Kaitos, it really wasn't that bad. It didn't make me cringe like dubbed anime does.
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