when is the next nintendo direct?

#1Akuro19Posted 3/3/2013 8:27:27 PM
not sure if anyone knows, but when is the next nintendo direct? been wanting to see another direct and im a little impatient.
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#2MARl0Posted 3/3/2013 8:30:06 PM
Nobody knows.
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#3RedHairVegetaPosted 3/3/2013 8:39:06 PM
They don't announce them until a few days in advance, but you can probably expect to see one this month sometime.
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#4G1ingyPosted 3/3/2013 8:42:12 PM
I hope it will be like the one we just had.

I know they're probably just putting up an act, but how often do you see game companies as big as Nintendo do something like THAT? How can anyone hate Nintendo with old men like those two at the helm?!