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Oh god Nintendo stop! My wallet! I want all the themes!Arceus5000811/27 4:53PM
Any notable black friday deals for a 3DS XL?
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BringerOfSalt1111/27 4:29PM
It's giving me an error message when I try to download the SA2 Shadow theme.
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OniIchimaru1511/27 3:59PM
15% off eShop card sale is now live - Best Buy (US)
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HugDaddy2111/27 3:56PM
How come there is no release date for New Nintendo 3DS?
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supermichael111211/27 3:11PM
Did you pick up Persona Q for 3DS?! (Poll)
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Question for those with the New 3DSsomething3161011/27 3:06PM
Question about general 'vibes' of the new Pokemon games.P_Crazy111/27 3:04PM
How is Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
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Fuzha1611/27 2:59PM