castlevania mirror of fate or etrian odssey 4

#21MinamoPosted 3/6/2013 3:42:19 AM(edited)
EO4 demo is fantastic, probably the most well made demo I've ever played. Too bad I just found the game completely and utterly boring. I rented Castlevania: MoF and its... meh. A good time waster when I'm not at home, but I would never buy it (thank god for Gamefly).

Try both demos, and don't believe the apologists; what you see in the MoF demo is basically all the full game is, outside of a few magic spells. To be honest, if you actually end up liking the EO4 demo and have to buy one or the other (with no possibility of renting or borrowing), get that, as it will be rarer.