Best 3DS to get for DS games?

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User Info: Shadow2790x

4 years ago#11
Go with the 3DS XL.
...You will be screaming: YES! YES! YES!
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User Info: mmpepsi

4 years ago#12
PenguinKoala posted...
mmpepsi posted...
Get whichever you want. It plays DS games just fine.

I'm hearing people say it's blurry and doesn't look as good though.

Whiners gonna whine.

I play a lot of DS games on my normal 3DS and I have no problems with it.

User Info: ItemBreak

4 years ago#13
XL's larger 1:1 pixel mode looks much better. The XL is an improvement over the original anyway.

User Info: Zero_Maniac

4 years ago#14
PenguinKoala posted...
Zero_Maniac posted...
PenguinKoala posted...
Zero_Maniac posted...
TC, that's like asking "Should I get a Vita to play PSP games?", and the answer is a resounding no.

3DS will have games I want in the future.

So now you want it for future titles? You should've said so in the first place.

"mainly" key word there.

Hmm. I must've missed that word. Fair enough.
PSN: Zero_Maniac623
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