What are the top three 3ds games aside from Mario games?

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User Info: abbeldydoo

4 years ago#1
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User Info: FieldTornOutlaw

4 years ago#2
Fire Emblem: Awakening

Resident Evil: Revelations

Kid Icarus: Uprising

At least for now. :)
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User Info: spealfan444

4 years ago#3
Kid Icarus Uprising
Fire Emblem Awakening
Resident Evil Revelations
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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#4
and oot 3d imo
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User Info: Rizaadon007

4 years ago#5
From the ones I've played,
Fire Emblem Awakening
Kid Icarus Uprising
Legend of Zelda OoT 3D

Though, Pokemon X/Y will probably bump OoT off of that list.
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User Info: Anclation

4 years ago#6
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Resident Evil: Revelations
Ocarina of Time 3D

User Info: serenade_beta

4 years ago#7
Kid Icarus
Mario Kart
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User Info: StephenYap3

4 years ago#8
1) Pushmo
2) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
3) Gunman Clive
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User Info: abbyhitter

4 years ago#9
- Kingdom Hearts 3D
- Tales of the Abyss
- Resident Evil Revelations
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User Info: NickyTheNewt

4 years ago#10
Fire Emblem
Ocarina of Time 3D
Kid Icarus
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