Do we all agree that the 2 DS Zelda games were a DISGRACE on the series?

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That endemic problem, I don't think, has any easy answers at this point. What we are observing, that has been occurring since the 1960s at least, from my perspective, has been a coarsening of standard culture.
Notice that nobody wears hats anymore?
If you look at a trend that began in the 60s, everyone, even those of limited means, all made an effort to wear hats. The culture itself valued propriety and appearance in daily discourse.
But sometime during that generation, people stopped wearing hats. All of a sudden we began to see a massive rise in the crime rate, drug experimentation, jeans everywhere. Soon society was awash in baseball caps.
Is there a direct link between the coarsening of culture itself and the lack of true discourse in our society? I believe that there is.
Is it directly related to hats?
I don't know.
What we might be looking at is an example of parallell adjustment, where the lack of hats became a litmus test for society as a whole. The more bare heads that were present in any particular area, the worse that area became.
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So you're choosing to not acknowledge that you have been routinely insulting PB throughout your interactions with him from the very beginning.
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So now we are present in today's mostly hatless society, and what do we see? Look at popular culture, so to speak.
The Bravo, channel, for instance, as an example.
When Bravo was first introduced, it was an arts and entertainment channel. It played things considered to be "high art", like opera for instance.
But as the culture coarsened, Bravo shifted to reflect it. All of a sudden the actual name of the channel changed, and no longer was it an arts channel. Now it's a showcase for the worst examples that humanity has to offer (mostly the muppets that are present in shows like "Real Housewives", for instance).
The endemic litmus test is in full swing when you see that these people are paid astonishingly enormous sums of money in order to perform in front of the cameras in the way that they do. It's like watching hens, in all honesty. Turn off the sound and replace it with prerecorded clucking and you have entire hours of nothing but pecking, scrabbling and scratching in the most irrelevant manners possible.
This is what our hatless society has borne, from my perspective.
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The hell is he babbling about anyhow?
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What is Metroid going on about now?
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I have no idea what to make of this topic.
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The answer seems clear at this point.
While Congress and the President are busing arguing over minutiae, what they really should be focusing on is HAT LEGISLATION.
It's a simple cause and effect. Fewer hats = a society that is more aggressive and carnal, so create laws that mandate hats, and what you get is a society that is more civilized, where a tip of the hat as one passes by will result in a reply of the same.
What, is it crazy to think that mandated hats will result in a better society? I posit that it's no crazier than what many have tried to create when it comes to utopias. And since there is a direct correlation between society and hats, I assert that at the very least a study into the link between hats and nonhats is warranted.
The government funds studies about the effects of gravity on shrimp in space- it seems far sillier to spend money on something like that, when in reality, focusing on the hat could have wide societal ramifications for every single person involved.
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What was going on in this topic?
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It seems clear to me that Vyers has expressed an interest in societal parity, vis a vis politeness in discussions, and since he has persisted in not shutting up, it's only fair to pay him back in kind by explaining in detail exactly, as a reply, what would be necessary in order to achieve the kind of societal utopia that he desires.
Utopia, unfortunately, is a goal that is insanely difficult to achieve. Most of the time, especially in coarse societies, it fails completely, and the end result is nothing but suffering and sadness. We see this over and over in prime examples- Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, for instance.
Can we legislate politeness?
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