Everyone knows you can buy Fire Emblem on the eShop, right?

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Kurizaka posted...
I'm more surprised that people just didn't order online, instead of complaining about not being able to find a copy.

There's absolutely nowhere to order it online in Canada that isn't +$20 over the game's normal price.

Anyway, I want this game, but I'm not going to settle for a digital release that will just clog up space on my SD card. I don't need it THAT urgently that I'm going to pay more or settle for an inferior product.

And if it is indeed the case that Nintendo created this shortage on purpose to try to drive digital sales (which seems like it may be the case) I'm definitely not going to let them away with it by caving in and buying the digital version.
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Kurizaka posted...
I'm more surprised that people just didn't order online, instead of complaining about not being able to find a copy.

It was harder to find retail priced online copies than it was to find copies in store. My Amazon order was delayed even though I preordered months in advance, and I wound up cancelling it because I found a physical copy.
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PyjamaHero posted...
This is the most pointless argument. You might as well talk about how great beta max is and that every movie should be that way.

Physical media will disappear not far in the future. Game companies are forcing always online, making every game available for download and even beginning to put digital content on sale regularly. These are the first steps towards a digital only future. When they finally realize that all retail does for them is suck profit out of their pockets and the share holders agree it will be the end of physical media.

Couple of factors are still against the digital only way of life. Many areas still don't have reliable internet. SO when you do away with physical copies completely, you are losing out a fair number of customers. For example I believe 20 to 30% of ps3/360 are not hooked up to internet. That would be millions lost if they did not buy the next gen consoles. A portable system is less affected since you can easily take it somewhere that has WiFi. Consoles though you can't just take with you to your local Starbucks, or library.

Data caps are probably going to be a bigger issue going forward. Some ps3 and 360 games are quite large, and they may continue to get even bigger.

I agree though that companies want to go digital only, but those are the road blocks I see in the way. I still see physical copies hanging around a while longer.
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I dislike the idea of owning a downloaded copy of the game if I have to pay for it. I like having the box and manuals for one.

Also, because I have to pay some 15% tax, it ends up that I saved about $3 on the game by buying a physical copy without club nintendo.

I have seen people being able to sell off their 3DS/3DS XL because they have the digital copy of Fire Emblem Awakening on the console, but I find that because mine is a Pink 3DS XL (a.k.a. gender specific console) it makes more sense to have the games and console separately.
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Taaron posted...
JohnnyShred612 posted...
I greatly prefer a physical copy too, but when I said "You know what? I need to go get Fire Emblem" and no nearby stores had it, I downloaded it ten minutes later.

Of course some people are not willing to settle.

Pretty much. I don't want to settle for digital copy of my most-wanted games if they can be gotten physically.
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Idc about digital copies of anything. Still, i got my physical one as it was a pre-order. Anyway, Nintendo is the one loosing... if ppl dont like the service they offer on 3ds, they wont purchase a wii-u (or future consoles or portables).
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