The 3DS doesn't suck!

#1Numbuh100Posted 3/8/2013 6:28:28 PM
Bet them Sony fanboys who got their PSP early never had an ambassador program! Because I bought the 3DS on launch, I was able to get Ice Climber, Metroid, Super Mario Bros., Kirby Amazing Mirror, Wario Ware, Metroid Fusion, Mario vs Donkey Kong, Yoshi Island, Wario Land 4, Mario Kart Super Circuit, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, Metroid II, Excite Bike 3D, Diddy Kong Jr., Balloon Fight, Wrecking Crew, Yoshi, Zelda, Zelda II FOR FREE! Yeah!
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#2Furikuri_flclPosted 3/8/2013 6:32:34 PM
Are we 2 years back in time?
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#3hyper kobun dashPosted 3/8/2013 6:37:04 PM
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#4james_hellerPosted 3/8/2013 6:42:28 PM
Your right TC! The 3DS is pretty ****ing awesome!

That new Fire Emblem and Mirror of Fate are both great games that I am enjoying. How about yo-

Oh wait, this a 2 year old troll topic that is stuck in time. It being cOLD isn't enough apparently...
#5Starwars4JPosted 3/8/2013 6:42:32 PM
No one thinks the 3DS sucks
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#6Pork_buttonmashPosted 3/8/2013 6:45:31 PM
Who said the 3DS sucks? Both current handhelds are amazing, just their libraries are a little underwhelming. This will change of course. But this elitist attitude will never change.
GloryChaos posted...
What you say is true. Unfortunately, people have been generalizing like this for years.
#7AtykymPosted 3/8/2013 6:45:32 PM
Who cares, it's just a game console.
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#82wingedangelPosted 3/8/2013 6:45:41 PM
Starwars4J posted...
No one thinks the 3DS sucks

Unless we're counting people who don't have one, like lolDemonDog
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#9nintendoggerPosted 3/8/2013 7:16:54 PM
Yeah huh it does!
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#10IamPeanutButterPosted 3/8/2013 7:17:01 PM
No, it doesn't, but I do feel the 3D feature was a terrible idea. Seems many people avoid using it for various reasons (eyestrain, double vision, continually having to hold that "sweet spot," etc.). Wish Nintendo would have dismissed that 3D feature to install the machine with something more attractive.