Why isn't there a map editor in Mario Kart 7?

#11crimsonclaw111Posted 3/8/2013 11:06:31 PM
SMASHKING84 posted...
Just curious,why?
Was it like stage builder were it sucks because they give you too few tools?
Was it like little planet were the tools they give you are confusing?
Or something else?

Because you "drew" the shape of a track with the stylus, and it had to be a closed shape. Nothing complex allowed. The background (only 1) was bland, the physics failed if you changed the height of the track, and item balloons were predetermined.

In short, it was hardly better than nothing.
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map editor I agree would be nice.
but what I wanted was REVERSE tracks
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MK7 was rushed anyway becuase of the 3DS's poor sales in the first few months, that's probably why there is no mission mode
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What would incline people to buy the next Mario Kart?
Want Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Rayman Legends, and Bioshock Infinite.
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strongo9 posted...
What would incline people to buy the next Mario Kart?

A release date.