no manual for Fire Emblem: Awakening?

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There is nothing wrong with the digital manual.. Who reads physical manuals nowadays when there are in-game tutorials?
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just a bunch of complainer here

Because when people don't complain Nintendo will continue to pull b*** s*** like this with their products. they're charging $39.99 MSRP for packages that are taking the lazy way out. who the hell thinks cheap folded manuals are any good?.

Also they could do more with the packaging such as say, i don't know.. filling up the square holes inside the 3DS with artwork?. if you're going to use eco-friendly cases for your games why not do something with them instead of leaving them blank?.

It's about the games, yes, but it's also about the presentation as well. TC has a right to complain if he's dissapointed with the laziness Nintendo continues to put out.

According to you only Nintendo is responsible? Sony doesn't include any type of physical papers or other such things in Vita game cases.

Thats only in NA. EU Vita games have manuals, i know i have NLKS and it came with one. A friend has the EU version of Shinobido 2 and it also has a manual.
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Better than Etrian Odyssey IV which doesn't even have a slip out.

Neither does Castlevania LOS: Mirror of Fate. It just comes with the CN code and a code for Konami's new Core program. No manual, not even a
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Do you get a manual for any game nowadays? Some come with a pamphlet though lol

Atlus games usually come with thick manuals.

Not Etrian Odyssey 4, it didnt come with a manual or even a fold
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