I'm thinking of buying a 3ds, are there any good bundles anywhere?

#1DalekZeroPosted 3/11/2013 3:13:16 PM
I currently own a vita and love it. But the 3ds has some titles (SMT iv for example) that make me interested in it too. I know that sometimes certain stores have exslusive bundles on systems that are cheap (example, target was selling a vita bundle for 210 dollars).

Is there anything like that for the 3ds? Or should i just buy the regular system. Also, as a sidenote, is the XL worth the 40 dollars extra (using amazon as a price point)?
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#2warlord78Posted 3/11/2013 3:38:24 PM
Yes, get the XL. The XL has a current promotion where if you register your new XL with Club Nintendo and either a copy of Luigi's Mansion 2 or the new Pokemon game you get a free retail 3DS game, check the site for details.
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