Gee, knowing the official Zelda timeline, future-Hyrule doesn't look so good...

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I'd like to see a new game starring the hero of time again
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gilgamesh21 posted...
LoZ does indeed take place in "Hyrule Proper". Zelda II encompasses "Greater Hyrule", and you do indeed see Hyrule proper on the Zelda II map.

Spectacle Rock and Death Mountain are different places right?

Isn't the second level in Zelda II called Death Mountain? Or am I remembering it wrong?
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I reviewed some information.

The second level is Swamp Palace, but we're both thinking of the first level which is Parapa Palace on the northern edge of Parapa Desert. I think a lot of people used to think that was Death Mountain, even I used to.

Death Mountain is north of Hyrule proper (where it should be) and in Zelda II consists of a series of caves. Take a look at the FAQ list for in-game pictures. The ultimate goal of Death Mountain is to get to Spectacle Rock. So I was wrong too in thinking that Spectacle Rock might be Parapa Palace and separate from Death Mountain.