New 3DS Deals: Pre-order Deals, Epic Mickey, Professor Layton and more

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We're talking about the base price here, not the price with shipping. anyone who shops on Amazon KNOWS there's a $2.98 shipping charge in most cases unless they spend $25 or more...

I thought we were talking about the "deal" here. Free might be good for club Nintendo points/recipes, but $3 is most definitely not (imho). And it's a 3rd party seller, in which case the shipping is most definitely part of the price. It's extremely common for them to lower the price and inflate the shipping charge. (heck, look at all the other listed merchants selling the game... it's all a variation on that theme lol)

Nope, just the base price. that said i see people here time to time stating that they need 20-50 or so coins to reach platinum status for 2013. for $0.01 ($3.00 with shipping) this is a decent option to consider.

Reach your platinum status and cook yourself a good meal for $3.00. killing two birds with one stone. not bad if i say so myself lol.

Btw, Best Buy had these for $1.99 each during their summer blowout sale last year and they had PLENTY of copies to go around. grabbed two for the niece and I for coins AND for the recipes. good deal :).
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There is also for Amazon
Cradle of Rome 2 - $10
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im not seeing that price on layton

Price changed, It was for $23.99 before 2 hours.
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- Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask price changed to 32.95
- Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion price changed to $26.69
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Full List and Links:

The list is huge, here are some deals:

- Animal Crossing: New Leaf Pre-Order – $34.99
- LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins Pre-Order – $29.99
- America’s Test Kitchen: Let’s Get Cooking – $0.01
- Mario Kart 7 – $35.23
- Super Mario 3D Land – $35.62
- Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion – $17.99
- Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask – $23.99
- NASCAR: Unleashed – $18.40

Toys “R” US:
- Tekken 3D Prime Edition for Nintendo 3DS – $29.99
- Spy Hunter – $19.99
- Asphalt 3DS – $9.98

What do you think of Epic Mickey and Professor Layton deals?

Nice:) I have been wanting Epic Mickey and Professor Layton. Thanks.
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- Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion – $17.99

An ex-friend was interested in this game and I was going to import it for him

oh my blogFAQs T_T
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wrhd posted...
- Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask price changed to 32.95
- Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion price changed to $26.69

Waiting for Epic Mickey 3DS to hit $10 or less and then i'm in. i love Disney but i'm not paying anywhere near full price.
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