3DS outsells Vita by 100,000 in America in February

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Can't let the Vita have it's day in the sun, can you?

Vita had its day in the sun... one day. It got sunburned b-a-d. Burned its pasty screen since all it had known since release are the dark recesses of the furthest interior room, insisting its name is Vita, not Mortis.
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And 3DS is down 20+ percent in sales from this month last year. Apple is killing Nintendo's handheld business. LOL.

Pokemon + Special XL color and Luigi's Mansion 2 should fix that percent up right and tidy. Apple killing Nintendo's handheld bread and butter despite the 3DS reaching still managing to reach 8 million? LOL @ U, Stanky.

(P.S. Your little Next Gen sig is too cute to handle decent maturity).

Luig's Mansion isn't going to do anything for 3DS sales. Neither is that god-awful stupid Pikachu XL.

Somebody's mad.
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Vita has been dead since launch day.
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Faceman_ posted...
Vita has been dead since launch day.

And now it's being raised from the dead, apparently. I just hope it's not a phase, simply to see some games that might tempt me to buy one.
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