My friends, how was RE:Revelations?

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3 years ago#21
Bear in mind that it greatly benefits from the circle pad pro, which allows you to aim and move at the same time in ways you can't without it.
3 years ago#22
whats actually funny is a played the demo until i had no more tries (30 i believe)...then i got the game, played the first few stages and never played it again. its not bad, i guess i just expected more.
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3 years ago#23
Froakie posted...
I'm glad it was great then. Thank you all.

bcornelia posted...
Among the best on the 3DS. Wish I still had it.

What'd you do with it?

I think I accidentally threw it in the trash ._.
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3 years ago#24
Very good game, I put a lot of hours into it but eventually got bored. It's excellent though, definitely worth a buy for $20-$30 or less if you can find it.
3 years ago#25
From: levyjl1988 | #020
They will be re-releasing the game on consoles (xbox 360,PC,Wii U,Playstation 3).

Fix'd. It's very good. I'd get it.
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