Lol Castlvania: MOF bombed at retail. 30,000 opening week.

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x23sephiroth23x posted...
Well Castlevania MOF is considered a bad game, and metal gear solid 3 is considered a bad port
They didn't sell well because they were bad games/versions not because they were dark and for adults

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I just kinda think it deserved to bomb. The lords of shadow fans are majority home console players. I doubt the console players loved lords of shadow that much to buy a 3ds for one game.

Metroidvania fans dominate the handhelds. We clove classic castlevanias and metoridvanias!

We called it when we saw the first video of the game. We calls em' likes we sees em'.
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RyuVegas posted...
OMFG. People SERIOUSLY need to stop judging games based on their length. I don't go to a Movie, like The Avengers or the Dark Knight Rises and go "Y'know that was great, but you know what I wish? that I was sitting in that theater for 2 more hours of my time?" NO. We don't pick up a Novel and go "Man that Novel was great, but you know what would have made it even BETTER? If it was longer than War & Peace."

So you are going to pay $40 to see the 6 minute Cartoon Short before the main movie, only to get kicked out before the main feature? Even if it's a really good Cartoon Short...

If that's not a good reversal of the analogy, it's like buying a $50 TV series box set, but only getting the Christmas special for the same price. Yes I know the box set should be $60(like 26 episodes) and the Christmas special(1 double length episode) should only be $40. But the analogy is set up to ask if you'd pay retail 3DS prices for a games as short as Ika-chan. Yah, no...
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Show me a mature 3ds title that scored over a 90% AND bombed.
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Sidescrolling games with combo systems are bad.
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Show me a mature 3ds title that scored over 90%. Fire emblem does not count.
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wintrepunk posted...
Show me a mature 3ds title that scored over 90%. Fire emblem does not count.

Why the hell not?
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wintrepunk posted...
Show me a mature 3ds title that scored over 90%. Fire emblem does not count.

Does it not count because it would disprove the point you're trying to make?
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Isn't RE:Revelations a popular 3DS game?
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First of all it is not 3rd party. You do know that 3rd parties are typically responsible for mature content on nintendo consoles right?