i have not gotten a 3DS Game Since Kid Icarus Uprising

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TC is a troll, i can't believe people are still having a go at it, in this board.

Anyone that was here(and on Capcom unity) when TvC came out knows that TC is an anti Nintendo troll :/
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Yeash, you've been missing out. Kid Icarus isn't even that good.

never saw too many great games that were out for it

Because there aren't that many great games.

It's weird that mediocre games get hyped on handhelds. If a lot of these games came out for PS3 / 360 nobody would give a f***

Considering the fact that console gamers eat up the same yearly release franchises chock full of DLC and microtransactions I don't expect them to know quality.

Godhand bombed yet CoD still sells millions. Yeah.

Fixed for emphasis.
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