Man... 2013 has been so good to the 3DS. One issue though...

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I hear you. First Etrian Odyssey 4, then there's Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate coming out tomorrow, and next up is Soul Hackers and Soul Sacrifice in April.

This year has been GREAT for RPG fans so far.
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(Majora's Mask 3D could also be an option if Nintendo would stop being stupid).

If by "being stupid", you mean wasting resources that they could be using for Zelda 3DS, sure. We have to look at this realistically, Majora's Mask 3D is not going to sell well. Majora's Mask was the worst selling 3D game, how would a remake do when OoT 3D didn't even catch up to Majora's Mask sales?

Hey! I didn't post that!

Lmao that was to funny.