Time burner Fire Emblem or Zero Escape?

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999 and VLR took me about 20-30 hours each to beat. My Fire Emblem playtime is over 100 hours so far, and I haven't even touched Hard or Lunatic yet. If you want a time killer, Fire Emblem is more than long enough.

No offense to you and I'm honestly not bashing you, but how have you spent that much time on Normal? I think it would get old dominating map after map.

Anyway, FE is the bigger time sink, but I enjoyed 999 and VLR more.

I'm on my third playthrough of Normal. I let a few characters die on my first playthrough and on my second playthrough, I ended up not liking a few of the parent pairings and passed down skills for most of my child characters. I'm taking a little more care in the third time around to set up everyone the way I want them. I didn't want to move on to Hard or Lunatic without having that Normal playthrough that was set up exactly how I wanted it. I know it sounds silly, but it's still fun to me.

Yeah, once I actually start Hard and Lunatic I can easily imagine myself putting 400+ hours into this game.

It makes sense. You'll want to fine your optimal setup for when you tackle the hard stuff.
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Between Fire Emblem and VLR, the most time consuming game is Etrian Odyssey IV. :u
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VLR's availability is much lower than Fire Emblem at the present moment. If you can get your hands on both, it's good, but if you have to get one right now, go for VLR first before Fire Emblem. It won't be long before people start giving up their Fire Emblem copies used.
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Don't play VLR if you haven't played 999. Just really don't.

but really play them both they're amazing
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Fire emblem is a short game if you just want to beat it once.
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