The only reason people don't like Sticker star is because it changed stuff.

#41Boney00Posted 3/19/2013 8:35:20 PM
Furikuri_flcl posted...
Super Paper Mario was different and I liked that one.

I did too. So I just bought SS figuring I'll like it too.
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#42SMASHKING84Posted 3/19/2013 8:42:15 PM
Spm is a game that i can honestly say that proves even extreemly drastic change can work.

And in a way sticker wasn't really that drastic(removing lots of elements doesn't count) it felt like most zelda games,which is to say it was BOTH a gimmicky mess and a rehash.
At least ttyd was only one of those two(KINDA)
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emeraldsco posted...
I can understand why certain folks would be unhappy with it but it's really not a bad game. It's alright.

Pretty this. Its an alright game, I'd say above average if not a bit bland. But isn't great. PM64 and TTYD set a very high bar for the series. SPM came close but fell a bit short of surpassing. SS isn't bad on its own, but it is certainly the weakest Paper mario entry. Exploring was great in SPM. Sticker Star jst had me wnating to get it voer with. Unlike the others I feel no incentive to 100% the game.
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