Who thinks Next Gen consoles will overtake the 3DS in sales/support in Japan?

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Marsford posted...
The 3DS already passed the PS3. I don't see PS4 ever surpassing the 3DS.

The Wii U surely won't do it.

And Xbox 720...lol.

True lol.
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lol hell no

The 3DS will probably reach the PSP or DS LTD numbers by the time the PS4 or Wii U get above half the LTD sales of the PS3. You can forget the next Xbox.
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No chance in Japan, it's highly doubtful in North America as well, and I'm not familiar enough with the European market to make a call there.

Although I suppose that new Android Console, the Ouya, has a chance if it catches on and you include the each yearly revision, but only in North America(again, unsure on Europe). Of course that's a big if. I don't expect it to flop, but I can't imagine the mass casual market going for it over various Tablets.
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forest_wanderer posted...

That, or fanboys.

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The DS absolutely obliterated everything (except PS2, I think?). If the 3DS gets even close to the momentum the DS had, it will be unstoppable.
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HaloOfTheSun442 posted...
The DS absolutely obliterated everything (except PS2, I think?). If the 3DS gets even close to the momentum the DS had, it will be unstoppable.

DS actually passed the PS2 now.
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3DS is set to possibly even pass the DS's legacy now as well.
But yeah, there isn't ANY chance whatsoever that the PS4 will overtake the 3DS.
Wii-U obviously hasn't yet,and Xbox is completely irrelevant in Japan.
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Not in this economy it won't. It's because of the economic crisis and the anti-consumer policies of the big three that video game sales have been down for 14 straight months. The PS2 sold 1.2 billion in software sales, the PS3 barley sold over 300 million, and the PS3 has more software sales than the 360 and Wii.

People are just not buying games like they used too. Unless the economy recovers in Q4 2013 (which it won't) sales for next-gen consoles is not going to break records.
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Fr33z posted...
Handhelds dominate the Japanese market. Ever since the PSP/DS home consoles had no chance to retake priority over there. The Japanese care less about graphics and more about having fun on the go. I mean it took the 3DS 1 year to sell what the PS3 did in 7.

Its slowly progressing in other countries as well.
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naw. 3DS is getting Monster Hunter 4. nothing on next gen consoles can compare.