Just finished my Rayman marathon on 3DS, and it was awesome!!!

#1xellos667Posted 3/21/2013 5:53:47 AM(edited)
Yes I know, almost none of the Rayman game on 3DS are the best version there is (some can say that they may be the worst), but all the games were still fun as heck to complete, and it's great to have so many Rayman games in one place on my 3DS. I would truly suggest them to everyone.

-Rayman (DSiWare): Completed 100% with all Anti-Dark Matters (achievements), which mean you can't use any cheat to beat this truly hard platformer. I was really not expecting this level of challenge. It was my very first experience on the first Rayman, and all I can say is that the game looks BEAUTIFUL on the 3DS, even for a DSiWare game.

-Rayman (GBC): Completed 100%. Cool twist on the very first Rayman. The game is totally different, and is an awesome GBC platformer

-Rayman 3D: Also Completed 100%. I've heard so many bad things about this port of Rayman 2, but quite frankly, the game run very smoothly. Maybe it's because I don't play with 3D on, but I would say I had as much fun playing this than, let's say, playing Super Mario 3D Land.

-Rayman Origins: Just completed 100% with all achievements. Yeah, this is the one I know people will say that every other version will be better. But quite frankly, even if it's the worst version, I'll say it's still my favorite 3DS platformer to this day. The framerate may be at 30 FPS, but it's constant, and never dropped once for me. The screen may be WAY zoomed out, but at the very least, I could see A LOT of the levels ahead, which was much appreciated since the 3DS is not widescreen, so it makes platforming easier. And the color may be washed out, but it still looked beautiful on my 3DSXL.

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