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What Arena/Battle games are available on the 3ds?
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Con5005117/24 10:17PM
If you were a Pokemon, how would you put children to bed at night?uglysucka57/24 10:13PM
So does the old Pause trick still work in the 3DS Blaster Master? Anyone try it?symach47/24 10:00PM
Unacceptable news about Bravely Second
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Sonytendo817/24 10:00PM
Trying to decide on an eShop game need opinions from people who own them.ZeroEquat1on47/24 9:51PM
Crossovers that are would be awesome(in theory anyways)
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pikachupwnage687/24 9:28PM
How good are the 3DS Resident Evil games?
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RedNavySailor167/24 9:13PM
An aggravating moment at the checkout line.
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farmco127/24 9:05PM
Which eshop games have 40 coins?TheKonamiMan57/24 8:58PM
any chance nintendo'll increase max friend list?RedRaven_37/24 8:40PM
Rate my collection. (And post yours as well)yomomma091967/24 8:38PM
What 3ds game should I get with my Platinum Reward?yomomma091927/24 8:29PM
i got a pokemon question.giant_joe6777/24 8:19PM
Club Nintendo is really getting on my nerves. (Not about Gold/Platinum rewards)
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keyblader1985357/24 7:59PM
Help! Rainwater got inside my 3DS and won't turn on!
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Quesker327/24 7:53PM
Got a fantastic rating from a streetpass the first time we streetpassed?soada7x47/24 7:51PM
Have you been saving up for games coming out after this drought??
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mattfrank217/24 7:49PM
What are the odds these GameBoy Color gems will make it to the eShop?RedNavySailor27/24 7:46PM
The 3DS doesn't support 802.11n? (Closed)
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olk3034287/24 7:44PM
How stable is your 3DS?spealfan44417/24 7:40PM