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3 years ago#31
Looks like I'm in before Mega Man Xover 3DS

(That's og for inb4megamanxover3ds for you young muggins)
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3 years ago#32
lizard81288 posted...
I bet it is a port of the IOS social game

Nah, if that were the case they would have already released it. I mean that one guy completely remade the game in less than a day so.... Why can't capcom?
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3 years ago#33
And now there isn't. That was a fast cancellation. Well done Capcom, new record.
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3 years ago#34
**** you <insert choice here>


The Blue Bomber deserves so much better :(

........ and while we're at it, where the **** is AAI2? WTF man?!? It's like my money isn't good anymore. That must be it. For some reason, the company as a whole doesn't want my money anymore. It's the only logical explanation I have.

-no new Mega Man(Legends, ZX, EXE or otherwise)
-no AAI2 in the US
-No EX Troopers in the US
-Ruining Resident Evil(see ORC and RE6. 5 is a mixed bag)
-need a WiiU to play MH3U online ._.
-On disc DLC from day 1 for fighting games
-seemingly forgetting that certain franchises ever existed(Breath of Fire, Rival Schools, Onimusha, Strider)

You're no longer the Capcom I fell in love with. I think we should see other people -_-
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3 years ago#35
" I think we should see other people"

Atlus is a pretty swell alternative, if you like RPGs.
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3 years ago#36
IHeartMetroid posted...
" I think we should see other people"

Atlus is a pretty swell alternative, if you like RPGs.

"If the PS3 is Casablanca and the 360 is The Godfather, the wii would be Pluto Nash." - StilI_Kirbyfan9
3 years ago#37
"Brett Elston just said on the DuckTales stream that he doesn't know how news got out that a new Megaman game is on the way, and that it is NOT what he said."

Alright soooooooooo. If that is really what he said then it doesn't sound like Capcom even announced a new mega man game in the first place.

So. Why the HELL is everyone trashing Capcom? I'm not really a fan of some of the things Capcom has done recently but this is just stupid.

How did Capcom "cancel" this "new Mega Man game" when they didn't even announce it? Are people really so idiotic or is there something I am missing?

It sounds more like someone jumped to conclusions or misheard what someone heard that a new Mega Man was being released then Brett quickly jumped in and said that that was INCORRECT..............yet everyone is still going "durrr lol Capcom!"

Wow. I guess when people hate something/someone they REALLY want them to be a complete monster that can do no right and will hound them even for things..............that they did not even do or say! Sounds about right. Get on Joystiq's case. Not Capcom. Joystiq misreported. It was no fault of Capcom.
3 years ago#38
After everything that Capcom has done in the 3 years, everyone is looking at them as close as possible. Fans, haters and trolls alike are waiting to see if they can pull themselves out of the media hole. Or at the very least, stop making it deeper.
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3 years ago#39
It'll be cancelled on April 1st.
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3 years ago#40
SMASHKING84 posted...
why do mm 11 when they still need to do mm x9 and x10
hell there's only 4 mm zeros so far...

Well, X9 needs to happen before X10, and to an extent, Z4 is considered the finale of the Zero series, so we probably won't see another one.

I'm willing to accept(as long as they are good):
Battle Network styled RPG(as in, similar gameply, new storyline)

Otherwise, "Capcpom" will get my money no longer. Mega Man Legends 3 was the icing that brought my decison to fruition, among their other fiascos.
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