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Because for as much as she can't accept the huge number of differences between them she still feels a connection, which shows her that no amount of differences can actually affect how she feels.
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I don't know, I never read or saw twilight.
From what I do know? She wanted laid. Forever. By a sparkly man.
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She has the urges that most girls do when they sees something that is dangerous and unworldly... either that or she is horny
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Honest answer: I have never seen any of these movies or read any of the books so I won't BS an answer or copy one. Have a good night and best of luck to those that have entered .
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She's a slut >_>
Gotta love Photon Cannon.
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In Stephanie Meyers masterpiece Twilight ,the Protagonist (Bella) is faced with a great dilema. She knows Edward is a vampire thus putting her in great danger but at the same time she feels a strong bond between the both of them.
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Raffle has ended winner shall be chosen
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Raffle has ended winner shall be chosen
I did some things, but that's the old me
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Goodluck everyone!
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Ive tried reading the first book, and honest to god, Bella goes on and on about how attractive and perfect Edward is. I had to stop and read the TLDR graphic novel instead. Which Im still awaiting more releases past the first book.

I guess the fact that he kept avoiding her (she smells super yummy) but keeps staring at her, and basically playing hard to get makes him mysterious. He constantly drops hints he's got super powers (stopping the van barehanded made her nosy). She finds out him and his family are vampires which she finds fascinating, and he finds her fascinating because he cant read her mind. The Cullens dedicate their lives to protecting Bella cus lonely Edward finally has a Boo, and later on Jacob + wolves offer the same protection for basically the same reason.
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