FEZ creator, Phil Fish, thinks the DS and 3DS are a piece of ****

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TheWhoFan posted...
DarthLaharl posted...
I don't even know what "FEZ" is...

EmeralDragon23 posted...
Never heard of FEZ <_<

You know, I can totally understand why some people may not like Phil Fish. Actually, I can't even say I do like him. He's more often than not extremely dismissive of everyone who isn't him... if you get what I'm trying to say without actually saying it.

But if you don't know FEZ, then it's your fault. It's completely your fault. And if you consider yourselves to be remotely interested in the gaming industry as a whole (not just on your little fanboy niche), then you should at least know what FEZ is. I'm not saying that you should love it, or even like it. You should know about it, because it was one of the most talked-about games of 2012.

Don't bask in your ignorance pretending it makes you cool or sophisticated.

It's not my fault not caring about dumb games like this, I was expecting real games.
And I was too busy playing Minecraft.
At least Notch don't go saying that Nintendo s****.
Do you judge games by graphics and not gameplay?Only like realistic games?
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Any of you guys taking what Phil FIsh says seriously, need to reevaluate...well, everyhting.

FEZ is a fun game, yes. It's creator, on the other hand, is a complete, and total jerk.
"So selfish them" would be their cry. And, who'd be brave to argue? Doin' what you people need is never on the menu!
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FEZ really is rather unremarkable if you play a lot of indie games.
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So let me get this straight...

this guy released one mediocre indie game on a crappy console that took five years to make and I'm supposed to take him seriously?
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I just love how the artstyle of FEZ looks like it was ripped directly from Cave Story, and yet he hates Japanese Devs. =/
"So selfish them" would be their cry. And, who'd be brave to argue? Doin' what you people need is never on the menu!
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LinkMaster2703 posted...
Why should I care about about some guy who released one minor indie hit on the worst system this generation?

This is why you can't be taken seriously.
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Ah, another topic about some guy and his opinion he's entitled to that Nintendo's faithful fan service are in an epic, pointless, and senseless uproar over. Eh, LameFAQS, never changes.

yeah,someone talks bad about something and people who like that something argue with him,it's absurd!we should all be entitled to say everything we want and noone should argue with us.Cause it's our opinion!

Why do people keep giving this troll the attention he's obviously craving for?
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"This is why you can't be taken seriously."

He makes more sense than you do.
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OoSubaruoO posted...
Why do people keep giving this troll the attention he's obviously craving for?

Yet you're "wise" enough to contribute, Car Guy. Feeling that "fitting shoe" from my comment, kid?
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Ah yes Phil Fish, one of my more favorite indie developers, This guy is seriously polarizing, has a very like/hate him personality. I like that he's blunt about his opinions on things even though I don't agree with most of them, although harsh as the may be. Still, Fez was a great game IMO, and he made some success with it. He isn't the only one like this, there are many developers out there with very polarizing personalities.

I hope some of you are mature enough not to barrade his twitter with death threats or what have you. Telling Fish he's wrong isn't going to change anything, the guy is stubborn as a rock.
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