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On Japanese eshop...
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Linkxx3259/18 8:21PM
Anyone buying LE 3DS XL's knowing it is rip off with New 3DS coming out?Garfield6429/18 8:20PM
Should the new 3DS be used as an excuse to create yet another Mario Kart game? (Poll)MarioGamer1234579/18 8:19PM
What kind of platforming controls do you like better? Free based or Momentum (Poll)hyperknees91109/18 8:19PM
I want Advance Wars for 3DS or 2DSGoreGamer109/18 7:44PM
Want a cheap 2DS while waiting for a new 3DS?
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Airboy98199/18 7:36PM
The Zelda Oracle games are great.knightoffire5589/18 7:32PM
New Persona Q Teasers from Atlus in ENGLISH!NeoMonk29/18 7:27PM
Advance Wars Double Strike is the hardest and best game I ownFlamer_Blue89/18 7:22PM
Which will be more rare, the Pokemon X/Y XLs or the Smash Bros ones?MetalGearOnAcid39/18 7:04PM
Blazikenite trade? Anybody?BlackBackBerry59/18 6:47PM
Bought Tomodachi and Kirby Triple Deluxe... Tomodachi sucks but Kirby ROCKS!!!
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Eiffel65239/18 6:44PM
PMD Gates to Infinity worth a shot?
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Dyno_Storm169/18 6:34PM
I'm thinking about getting Smash digitalTriangularTwig89/18 6:34PM
Downloading smash demo in another region with nintendo network id?donpapi9839/18 6:32PM
What other RPGs would you like to see a Theatrhythm out of? Could be any RPGs
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21_21209/18 6:21PM
Very late smash code.SillySquad49/18 6:21PM
for those buying the new 3ds/3ds'sghostboy1234579/18 5:56PM
"I can't stop touching the new 3ds LL"Genericgamer66799/18 5:45PM
Does Senran Kagura 2 have a release date yet?Spade21X69/18 5:39PM