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I see Nintendo are the masters of deceivement
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Flamer_Blue561/24 4:28PM
I hope Xenoblade Chronicles is the only New 3DS-only game ever released
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Virtual_Console201/24 4:18PM
mh bundle and a new micro sd cardjasonxvx77731/24 4:06PM
Favorite RPG Franchise (Semi-Final)(Round 1)(3DS board) (Poll)
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fiyeroatheart251/24 4:04PM
For a brother who wants a NA MH demo codeOathAndOblivion11/24 3:58PM
NEW 3DS XL SD CARD QuestionTheBetim71/24 3:52PM
I think the N3DS is worth it when it comes to playing Smash.VerySolidusSnak11/24 3:52PM
I just want to be sureDH200771/24 3:52PM
i really need ff explorers badlytiamat99941/24 3:44PM
The 3DS I own is worth...iiaznsk8erii41/24 3:41PM
Who did/didnt get their MM n3ds xl cancelled at 3:32PM
Can DS games connect to wi-fi on the 3DS?
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DK9292111/24 3:31PM
On 2/13 with the New 3DS XL will Nintendo ship...Trevor_Belmont31/24 3:20PM
Reasons why I dgaf about the MM New 3DSREMercsChamp81/24 3:17PM
It wasn't on NA's Direct, but Project Mirai Remix is launching worldwide in May.
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Leanaunfurled651/24 3:08PM
Why the MM n3ds Best Buy orders were cancelledmariopokefan17151/24 2:49PM
Hot damn, Pokemon Conquest is awesomeMilkinNipple31/24 2:39PM
So What if Dragon Quest VII...Comes to PS4. (Rumor Inside)
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Spade21X321/24 2:32PM
has anyone experienced the 3D effect on the new 3DS yet?
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celljr89121/24 2:19PM
Who hasn't had their best buy preorder cancelled?
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Hisahide371/24 2:13PM