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Nintendo Direct: "Approx 48 minutes in length"
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Yukino_Asakura124/1 2:52PM
A platinum award poll without Animal Crossing (Poll)promo12344/1 2:40PM
Platinum/Gold Rewards Question?suzukimatsui64/1 2:39PM
how long until the nintendo direct?brian_got_owned84/1 2:38PM
collectible badge center at the direct?ParagonCrossing94/1 2:36PM
Any chance of standard N3DS U.S. release?
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GamerZero1144/1 2:32PM
Target $15 game sale / CN platinum game valueshatemakingnames54/1 2:28PM
Capcom TV: The Great Ace Attorney Gameplay Footage 04.01.15Galaxy_Nova14/1 2:26PM
So... There's this girl that I know who's a huge fire emblem fan...
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Proof that 3DS user ratings are too high
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OrangeCrush980234/1 2:21PM
Mario Golf or Mario Party?Hejiru34/1 2:19PM
Anyone wanna trade rewards? I don't have room on my SD card...King_of_Flan84/1 2:16PM
Am I the only one that actually enjoyed Yoshi's New Island?Spade21X54/1 2:16PM
if the leak is true. Nintendo be trollin
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TrilancerX414/1 2:14PM
Is the direct over? Anything good?YHWH_Saves74/1 2:13PM
May I have opinions on these titles? (poll included) (Poll)Akihiko__Sanada94/1 2:13PM
Ugh. Don't use your credit card on eshop.
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ThisAnvil184/1 2:07PM
Does your New Nintendo 3DS have an IPS screen or a TN screen?
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Spade21X154/1 2:06PM
The Great Ace Attorney Releases on July 9 '15 in Japan.
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Galaxy_Nova164/1 2:06PM
Who else is in my situation (Club Nintendo elite status)?
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EngineR2224/1 1:47PM