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Is OoT 3D worth $35?
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Dark_SilverX1812/26 8:22PM
Wanted a 3DSXL for Christmas. Instead I got a ****ing USED Vita
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GamingLablet28212/26 8:13PM
How long do games take to download to SD cards from the eshop?Agnostic420612/26 8:02PM
Good 3DS RPGs I may like under $20?
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Agnostic4201312/26 7:34PM
mgs 3 on new 3ds questionLatissimus1000312/26 7:28PM
is Ultra street fighter 4 3d any good?
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Darkfire24311512/26 7:20PM
Is the ninja turtle game any good?Darkfire2431412/26 6:27PM
Is Persona Q available for download on the eShop in Europe?Entotrte312/26 6:22PM
Mario Golf or Super Smash Bros.?Djwlfpack91012/26 5:51PM
Do you guys think a GameStop would give me a game box without the game?
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ninto551112/26 5:41PM
Anyone else hoping Nintendo announces a new Fire Emblem next year?Spade21X812/26 5:04PM
Anyone registered a game for the winter promotion? (Uk only)SlyDarkStar812/26 4:30PM
Holy Neppers that backlog!!!Blancshammer512/26 4:13PM
No AAA game till april for 3ds?
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Hastewind1112/26 3:54PM
DS games work on 3DSTrilancerX912/26 3:37PM
Thinking about getting a 3DS XLHarlem-ville_76812/26 3:23PM
Why is it called "New Nintendo 3DS" Why is there the new prefix?
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AC_Dragonfire1812/26 2:43PM
I got 65 dollars in eshop credit, and I need recommendationsDarkfire2431712/26 2:35PM
World Streetpass Holidays (12/24-1/4)
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Dr_Koopa762412/26 2:16PM
which pokemon games should I get?dante13311012/26 2:10PM