[JPN] eShop Mar 27th | DK 3 and Castlevania II on VC / Save Data Tool Avail.

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Fire Emblem games on VC? So jellos

What if I said Mother 2 / Earthbound was on the VC also?
....on the WiiU. . T_T

But it's Fire Emblem 2 so it's not really that big a deal. If you played it you'd know why. Besides even though the first is there as well, technically you can play it by way of Shadow Dragon on DS since nothing of use is different. Earthbound now that's a different story.

Chenmaster2 posted...
Do you have any idea why Yoshi's Island is not on the Wii VC?

I''ll field it for you. Yoshi Island uses the Super FX Chip in cart. In order to emulate the game you first have to emulate the Super FX chip function. Yoshi Island appeared on GBA without the SuperFX enhanced Graphics so the running of it on 3DS wasn't an issue. Basically for what ever reason Nintendo seem reluctant to spend the time to properly emulate the extra feature in the VC games. It is also why Mystic Ninja Staring Goemon isn't on N64 VC, because it would require save pak emulation for saves. Yoshi Island just suffers with Star Fox & Stunt Racer FX due to in cart chip usage.