So, those that upgraded to the XL recently, worth the upgrade ?

#1danny5329Posted 3/26/2013 11:42:28 PM
Just wanna know what you guys feelin'
#2ReOn_KawaiiPosted 3/26/2013 11:51:19 PM
me too.. I'm planning to get mine this weekend. I wonder if that+cpp+mH3 will be awesome.. I tried the MH3 demo without the CPP and it sucked.. hard to focus..
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#3lj_sephirothPosted 3/26/2013 11:54:01 PM
Yes, I was overdue for a new system, and it is much better than the DSI XL.
A lot of fixes from the 3DS that I hated a lot (looseness of the 3D switch finally being resolved) but there are some drawbacks that don't help either. All in all, good decision to upgrade.
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#4spealfan444Posted 3/26/2013 11:57:02 PM
Once you set your eyes on the 3DS XL, you never want to go back, games look outstanding, battery life is better, and although it's minor, the stylus is on the SIDE of the system.
Yeah, so in short GET IT!!!
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#5Craneo00Posted 3/27/2013 1:22:11 AM
if your hands feel cramped in the old 3ds, absolutly!!
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#6parKb5Posted 3/27/2013 4:48:30 AM
I held out until last weekend to get an XL (I bought the regular 3DS at launch) and I have to say the XL is amazing. I love it, after playing games on it's big screens I could never go back and no glossy inside! I hated that big glossy upper screen that would always get smugged when you closed the system.

If you can afford it, the upgrade is definitely worth it. GameStop gives you $78.00 for the old system, so if you get it for $160.00 it is like you are getting it for half price. Plus if you get Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon before the end of the week, you get a free game worth $40.00, in effect, cutting the price of the system in half again!

It is like getting it for $40.00!!!

(That is how i explained it to my wife....)
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