Nintendo really needs a punch-out game for the 3DS.

#1urmomishawt04Posted 3/27/2013 6:54:51 AM
Wouldn't care if it was a port of the Wii since that one was amazing. Just throw in some more SPO!! characters like Narcis Prince and both Nick/Rick Bruiser.

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#2cfrydaPosted 3/27/2013 7:12:20 AM
(slow clap)

I would so love to see a Punch-Out!! on this system,
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#3iphysPosted 3/27/2013 7:14:17 AM
Yeah, I don't know why we get 101 Mario games, yet Punch-Out!! games come along less frequently than blue moons. I totally expect a new Punch-Out game after they implied Punch-Out would be a 3D Classic and then only wound up being plain VC.
#4Bass_X0Posted 3/27/2013 8:17:11 AM
Mario's Punch-Out!! anyone?

Starring Mario characters.
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#5DarkIVloonPosted 3/27/2013 8:21:57 AM
A new punchout would be great. As I said on Miiverse.

"If WiiU gets a new punchout, Luigi should be the referee to celebrate his year"

I dont want a whole Mario Punchout like the above poster, just Luigi as the referee, like Mario was.

Small cameo's like that could make the Year of Luigi great.

Of course i'd like to see a new PO on WiiU or 3DS..either way.
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#6urmomishawt04(Topic Creator)Posted 3/27/2013 8:55:17 AM
From: Bass_X0 | Posted: 3/27/2013 11:17:11 AM | #004
Mario's Punch-Out!! anyone?

Starring Mario characters.

Go play Game & Watch 4.
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#7iphysPosted 3/27/2013 11:41:47 AM
Lol, it would hilarious if Luigi cowered in fear from time to time.
#8JumpmandkPosted 3/27/2013 11:58:49 AM
Since the 3DS was announced, a new Punch Out game has been at the top of my most wanted list. Seeing a new title is highly unlikely, but I would be more than happy to have a 3D version of the Wii, SNES, or even the NES games.

I always thought the DS was perfect for PO, due to the dual screen aspect, which the coin-op made famous. I know this title has never been the biggest seller for Nintendo, but it has a huge fan base and a rather decent market over all.

DKCR 3D gives me hope, that the Wii game may be released at some point(and add in the Doc Luis bonus content), but I'm not holding my breath.
#9CrashTheChevyPosted 3/29/2013 5:56:02 PM
I dont want a port though, Ive played these games on the wii and I want new experiences. N the 3D isnt worth the extra money on a port. I'd pay for a new punchout tbh but not a rehash of the same game.
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#10WrestlinFanPosted 3/29/2013 5:58:16 PM
I would day one if it's an original game. Not sure of a Wii port.
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