Pikachu 3DS XL Newegg preorder still pending

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3 years ago#1
Hey guys. So I bought myself a Pikachu edition 3DS XL and I love it! The only problem is I ordered another to send to a close friend as a surprise, knowing ye really wants one but doesn't have the money for it now. I bought mine from Gamestop (preordered online) and it came on the 25th. I had to preordered my friend's from newegg though because of Gamestop's preorders running dry :(. I'm kinda worried now. The order still says pending preorder and that it will be sent when they get the product in. But I'm afraid with the limited quantity they wont be able to send one. I really wanna repay my friend for being so good to me over the years and I will be severely disappointed if I cant send him one especially after I let the surprise slip early -.- lol.

Has anyone else preordered from newegg? If so what has your experience with the pikachu 3ds been? Am I screwed or is there a chance Newegg will pull through? Stupid scalper's are making this crazy hard for people who want it and will use it, but my friend being such a pokéfan, I cant resist giving him one :). So I really want this to work. Wish me luck guys and any info would be appreciated.

(P.S. should I call newegg and ask about the order if it doesn't change or I don't receive any emails in the next couple of days? Thx!)
3 years ago#2
I didn't preorder one, but if it was me I would call Newegg. I hope everything works out for you.
3 years ago#3
Hey. I was curious about your Gamestop order instead, like since you preordered, what kind of shipping method did you request?

I was wondering if for those people who preordered it and then selected the standard shipping (which is usually the slowest one to ship), would the limited stock be affected?

Gamestop isn't the most promising retail out there, that's why. :p
3 years ago#4
I ordered one day shipping. Which was like 14 dollars if I remember correctly. Pretty damn expensive, but worth it Imo. It shouldn't be affected. As soon as you got an order number you should have had it reserved. I wouldn't worry. I had probe with my order being processed vlbecause hey said my billing info wasn't right (it was btw) and as long as I had my number it was still reserved even tho it hadn't yet been processed and preordered had run dry. You should be fine :).

And thanks for the good wishes too! I really hope this works. Hopefully someone with a newegg proerder can ease my mind. Time will tell I suppose.
3 years ago#5
Erm...am I the only person who bought from newegg. I hate to do this and I know it is annoying but hear with me here...


Really need to see if I can get any info on the newegg preorders. Did they run out of product or something? If so shouldn't they have contacted me? I hope its just taking forever to stock...
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