Games you admit you are jealous the Vita has but the 3DS doesn't

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Marsford posted...
The Tales remakes for sure.

..but they aren't meh.

Extra annoying as Hearts was first released on the DS - this is the third time Bamco abandoned Nintendo to remake a Tales of title on an entirely different platform (the first two being Symphonia with the GameCube to PS2 port - which was justified in that the GC was really weak compared to PS2 - and Graces, which was moved from Wii to PS3 for no apparent reason).

But I'm also somewhat jealous of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus and Gravity Rush. Aside of that, the vast majority of VITA games are either ports or meh.
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None because I have both.
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God eater burst 2. (I think thats what it's called)
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