Resident Evil: Revelations take up a staggering amount of blocks!

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I don't think you like Resident Evil enough. :P
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IHeartMetroid posted...

I don't think you like Resident Evil enough. :P

Nah, once I fill the rest of the bookcase even then...not enough =P

I'm close to needing to buy another one...I'll have to figure out how I can fit everything on one shelf however ;>_> as in...everything that's not RE. Though maybe I could move my RE DVDs on the second shelf to the top shelf, somewhere and have additional stuff where they were.
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^ Freakin' sweet
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you only have yourself to blame for buying digital.

I like how your Signature says Female Gamer, but in all your videos you're a guy >.>


Damn, I "tracked" this topic just so I could see huyi's response to it...and he/she was moderated for whatever they said! Damnit!

Actually if you go back you see she is a female xD Just sounds like a dude and has man hands. Truckasaurous! -Archer Reference-