WOW! wasn't planning on getting Fire Emblem but I just played the Demo and WOW!

#31hobobelmontPosted 3/30/2013 11:34:39 PM
I'd say just complete Normal/Casual with a limited-size party if you plan on continuing to Lunatic/Classic. It speeds things up considerably (no resetting, yay!) and familiarizes you with your units and the new systems. The intro to Lunatic is a giant pain, so you'll still have plenty of the series' classic frustration to experience anyway.

However, if you plan on just going through the story once, Normal/Classic or Hard/Casual are good for newbies, Hard/Classic for veterans. Difficult enough to get some satisfaction, but not so bad that you'll spend 10 hours in a corner crying to yourself (darn you FE7 ranked!!!).