YR: Sakurai said isn't making Kid Icarus Uprising sequel, secretly is-

#11Wynters387Posted 3/29/2013 5:59:43 PM
Why does he have to be the only one to make a kid Icarus sequel? What if the got another development team on it. Hmm who would do it?
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#12Bahamut_10thPosted 3/29/2013 6:04:17 PM
Keep dreaming.

Only reason Sakurai works on Smash Bros sequels is because he actually believes he's the only one who can (so far) pull it right, because he's confident he's one of the best when it comes to reviving old characters and because of much pressure. (It HAS been a very serious system seller since Melee afterall)

He's said in more than one ocasion he doesn't likes the idea of sequels. And I'm pretty sure there was some article somewhere saying he had no intention of making another Kid Icarus game.

He's probably going to pick a different franchise after SSB4 is done with.
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pikachupwnage posted...
21_21 posted...
Wouldn't be surprised. He wanted Melee to be last, but then he made Brawl. Now after claiming to want Brawl to be last, he's making even another one.

Just wait. There will be something more related to Kid Icarus. If Sakurai won't do anything then Nintendo will.

He is Nintendo's Kojima.

Ah! An aptly put comparison indeed!
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#14_Izanagi_Posted 3/29/2013 7:35:37 PM
Uprising came out a year ago. Why don't you guys wait a few years for a sequel.
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#15Frost_LASERPosted 3/29/2013 7:43:57 PM
I thought he also didn't want to do a Kirby sequel either.
#16MBBDarigonPosted 3/29/2013 7:44:20 PM
Just make it on wii u or a hd version on wii u before it
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