What's the trade value of an old 3DS towards an XL?

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LOL. I've had the same "powerup" card for years at this point. I've purchased 2 3DSXL and 1 3DS and I still don't have enough points for a $10-off coupon. Gamestop is a rip-off.
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Ebay it,wrong is giving somebody $33 for the 3ds and then selling it for $150,you would be getting raped by gamestop.
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aak57 posted...
I don't even give a crap about games. This discussion has been about TC getting rid of his 3DS. I'm guessing you realized that you were wrong about the matter and are just trying to deflect the issue.

But sure, I'll agree that's a great deal if I can trade in 2 copies of Madden 03 for PS2 and get $30 each.

Don't worry he is wrong in a lot of topics it is nothing new.
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Don't trade in your system to gamestop. Sell it on ebay/craigslist. There is really no reason to ever trade anything at gamestop unless you are terrified of using online services or meeting someone for a sale.

Yeah, no. They usually have amazing trade in deals, and it's easier to trade in something, than waiting days for someone to even bother buying your stuff.

Not to mention all those 3DS's on eBay.

amazing is an overstatement.

No, amazing is a lie. The TiVs are absolute s***.
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